Thursday, August 01, 2013

What did I have for lunch today?

Sushi, of course
Sushi is my go-to lunch when I don't know what to eat and I didn't bring my lunch. So far, it's three days in a row this week.

I know this is boring stuff but I told myself I will try and do something everyday. I liked the Everyday in May series. The prompts help...I think I needed someone else to do the thinking for me. When someone else tells me what to draw, it takes the pressure off me. I've been using the 365 questions for the 5 year journaling when I'm stuck for ideas. Trying to draw sushi was a challenge trying to get the rice to look rice-like. Baby steps, right?

Sketched on my iPad with Sketchclub and imported to Artrage for the background. Newspaper background was imported in as an image load and distorted using transform. 

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  1. yummalicious!!!! I love sushi and when I saw this on balzer I had to come here! you have done a miraculous job of creating what you have "done" 3 days in a row!!! lol Brilliant. Heartfully Yours, Samara