Monday, October 08, 2012


October here has been fantastic so far.  It's been a beautiful Fall so far.  I love  the cool sunny days. The crabapple are ripening on the tree in the backyard and the birds and wildlife are having a grand ole time!

It's Thanksgiving so here's my thankful list:

1. My dad - although he passes away many years ago, I still miss him a lot. His birthday was around this time of the year so Thanksgiving always reminded me of him even more so.
2. The kid - I think he turned out quite well. He's at the age where things are happening for him. Opportunities for work and school may have him out of town for a while. I'm happy for him but I know I'll miss my baby.
3. I'm always thankful that I always have opportunities. I like being curious and trying new things. You just never know what your next new hobby may be.

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