Monday, April 05, 2010

Finding treasure

I was going through some boxes in my junk work room and came across a stash of Rowan Lima that I bought on sale. Finding yarn that I had forgotten is like finding treasure. Going through that room is like digging for treasure sometimes. The original plan was to knit the Alana Cardigan with it but not so sure once I looked over the pattern again and checked out some of the finished projects on Ravelry.

You know what I really want to knit right now? A little sock monkey pouch for my Ipod.

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  1. Hi! I bought my Lima at the same sale at Black Sheep Yarns. What a coincidence, I've started knitting mine as well. It's lovely and cushy, I'm knitting Mr. Greenjeans with mine, hopefully I'll have enough, I only bought 10 balls!