Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2010 Olympics Fever

This was the view that greeted me as I was walking around BC Place on my way to the check-in gate at 6:45AM this morning. It was so breathtakingly beautiful that I had to pull out my cell phone to take a couple of pictures.

The dark objects along the bottom are little Inuksuks along the shoreline. It was really amazing. There must have been at least a hundred or more of them. This just reminded me that I'm lucky to be where I am. It's so easy to forget; being where I am, it's like being in the eye of the hurricane. I forget what's going on around me until I step outside. I'm always surprised at the level of excitment that's in this city right now. Despite the work stress leading up to this point, it is so cool to be part of something this big. This city is going nuts!

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  1. romney3:16 am

    I had to look up Inuksuks. Never seen anything like 'em!