Saturday, January 16, 2010

2010 New Year Resolution (despite my objections to making resolutions)

Normally, I'm not big on New Year Resolutions. For me to make resolutions is pretty much condemming me to failure. I start things and I never finish things. I have lots of ideas for projects and things to do but once I get started on them, if it takes more than 10 minutes, my interest has moved on to the next shiny thing. Very easily distracted.

I would like to change that. I'm going to start small. Give myself a few things to finish so I wouldn't get discouraged.

1. Finish the grey cable cardigan. Yes, that cardigan is still not finished. It's all knitted but still need to be sewn together. I promise I will do that this year. I think giving myself a year is good except I'm also a procrastinator. I will most likely wait until December and think maybe no one will remember that I put that on my blog to finish. It's getting silly...I finished knitting the sweater in December 2007.

2. Finish the hair on my Waldorf doll. She still only have half a head of hair. And she still needs clothes. Maybe I should list the half-finished sweater that I'm knitting for her here too.

3. Finish my cashfern scarf. Honestly! I only have 1 repeat left to do! It's sititng in a margarine tub somewhere in my wool room.

4. Finish the finglerless gloves I promised my niece. I promise to have them finished by next winter. You will get them eventually.

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