Friday, May 29, 2009

Time off

I love Long Beach...not Long Beach, California but Long Beach Vancouver Island. We were there for four days. The weather on the first day was raining by the buckets but it was still so beautiful. The next couple of days were sunny and gorgeous. It was windy there but no one cared.

This was the view from the balcony in our cabin.

This little cove was just below our cabin. As soon as the tide was out, we were down there, poking into the tidal pools.

I love the colours and textures best. Spent a lot of time staring at the little sea anenomes. They looked like little buttons.

I don't know very much about starfish but always thought they only had eight legs. This one has eighteen.

The mandatory sunset picture...

Thankful for:
1. The agility and mobility to enjoy a walk on the beach.
2. Being able to take time off at work during a crazy time.
3. The baked goods at this lodge were really good and being able to limit myself to one pastry a day.


  1. Anonymous8:00 pm

    I'm no expert but I think the starfish is a sunflower starfish.

    Looks like a beautiful place for a vacation - will have to keep it in mind.

  2. Oh, I love Long Beach! When I was 23 I camped there, just steps from the ocean, for a few days in April. It was my most memorable trip ever. Thanks for the reminder. I can feel a story square brewing....