Monday, July 14, 2008

Figures in Silk

Last week, I picked up Figures in Silk and read it through in one sitting. I wasn't expecting to like the book. Historical fiction is usually not my first choice for a book but it did say SILK WEAVING on the cover. I was expecting it to be badly written, along the lines of Maggie Sefton's books. There were a few weak spots but overall, really enjoyed the book and will defintely read it again.

Over the weekend, I finished plying the first skein of the BFL from Yummy Yarns and started spinning the second skein. It was nice spinning in the morning because it was still cool enough that the fibres didn't stick to my sweaty fingers. As far as weekend goes, it was perfect. The mornings were nice and cool so I got a fair bit of fibre stuff done. The afternoons & evenings were spent with family & friends, bbq'ing & relaxing.

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