Friday, June 27, 2008


Ok, sunshine can hide a multiple of faults. The skein doesn't look too least I can tuck the faults inside. It's Navajo plyed to keep the colour blocks a bit more together. There were a bit of barber poling but not too bad. It still needs to be set and whacked.

Didn't get around to do any dyeing today. It was too nice to work that hard on a day off. I did finish spinning the silk I've been working on FOREVER and even started plying it. A little silk really does go a long way. It's going to take a while to ply all this.

Pst! Angela, can't remember the name. Do you know where T&T is in Chinatown? The restraunt is in the Tinseltown mall, upstairs near the food court. They have a dinner buffet too (haven't tried it but heard it's good too) with lots more selection and lots more seafood.

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  1. Ahhh!

    Good to hear that they are now a good AYCE Sushi restaurant. That location has had more than one restaurant failure there. I hope this one sticks.

    The skein is lovely.