Monday, May 21, 2007

Back to work!

It's Monday night and it's back to work tomorrow. I really need to win the lottery. Long weekends are just not long enough.

What did I accomplished this weekend?

1. Road trip to Quiltopia. It's a fun place! Almost tempted to try quilting again but had to tell myself over and over again that I have an unfinished quilt at home. I did find out about a place nearby that will machine stitch my quilt.

2. Didn't spin any more of the linen but worked on my silk noil and carded some more of the Shetland on the drum carder.

3. Accomplished 1 & half sleeves on the green cardigan. Still half a sleeve to go.

4. Did not even touch the books needing binding.

5. Did not come up with a project for the fibre challenge. Help!

What else did I do?

1. Bought some wool fabric - Fabricana was having a sale! Beautiful wool melton on sale! I picked up a metre of tweed for texture and 2 metres of a pale baby blue (ick!) - they didn't have any white or beige in the weight I wanted.

2. Felted, dyed, & separated the wool fabric. Some of the pieces will be overdyed for accents at another time.

3. Drew out my pattern for another rug.

4. Hemmed up 2 pairs of pants that have been around since last summer.

5. Started a pair of chevron socks for my take-along knitting with the Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn I got at Fibre Fest. I really love the Chevron pattern from Elan. It's easy to remember and make socks less boring to knit than stockinette stitch. It's also easier to keep track of rows too. Every pattern is two rows...just count the YO's. No need to carry around a row counter. Perfect for a take-along project.

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  1. You got quite a bit done this weekend. I swear, all I did was rip and restart sockapalooza socks. Nothing seems right!

    Oh, and I'm tagging you! ;)