Friday, January 26, 2007

Need more yarn!

It's been hell the past couple of weeks at work. Knitting has saved many lives this week. It really did keep me from killing stupid people.

How can I possibly want more yarn when I have more than any sane person should have? I admit to having a fibre stash, yarn stash, fabric stash, button stash, paper stash. Basically, it's a you-name-it-I-probably-have-it stash.

We have a friend who visits regularly. He flies in from Toronto on business about 4 or 5 times a year and usually spends a night or two at our house. We usually get advance warning and I clear out the room just enough for an inflatable mattress plus a bit of wiggle room. This week, he came unannounced (2 days warning) and I had no time to clear out the room. He was stunned at how much stuff was in the room. He had no idea how much fibre & crap I keep in that room!

The Silky Wool was going to be a scarf but my heart was not in it. I started the scarf several times but finally decided on a hat. But I kept thinking of Kelly's idea of making socks with this yarn. I can see it would make wonderful socks. I have yarn left over from the hat. In order to use up this leftover yarn, I need to buy more yarn to make socks. That makes more yarn just to use up the remainder.

Tammy, you don't want to hear about how wonderful this stuff is! :D


  1. Oh go ahead, talk about it. It's kind of like a creepy form of phone sex, but with wool! LOL. :)

  2. Stash is always a mystery, but so much fun! I can't remember how I stumbled across your blog, but I'm always happy to read about a BC knitter! :0)